With their distinctive blue eyes and colour points, Siamese cats are the most recognized breed that arrive at cat shelters. Many of the cats that come to RESCUE are Siamese crosses; meaning they may not have “perfect” points and the distinctive Siamese traits.

Siamese and Siamese cross cats form close emotional bonds with their human companions. Many Siamese cats will suffer emotional grief and trauma when they lose “their families” and find themselves in a shelter environment. At RESCUE, we give these cats the time they need to adjust and find a new loving home.

Looking for kittens? 

RESCUE Siamese periodically receives litters of kittens for adoption; however they will not necessarily be featured on our website, as they tend to find homes rather quickly. Kittens are not housed at our store location, and so appointments must be made to meet kittens in person at their foster homes. Please visit our Facebook page and/or e-mail us at [email protected] to check on the availability of kittens.


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