Siamese Cross
Lynx Point
Male – neutered
Date of birth: 2015


Jax is a sweet boy who loves the attention of his human friends at Rescue Siamese. He has a cuddly personality and can’t get enough head scratches. If you’re lucky, he might even give you kisses!

Jax is FIV-positive, which means his immune system is not as strong as a normal, healthy cat. Much like the people living with the human version of virus (HIV), Jax can otherwise live a pretty regular life. FIV is not transmissible to humans (or other animals), and it can only be transmitted to other cats by contact with blood (ie. deep bites, etc).

As such, it is important that Jax goes to a mature home with no other pets–his super-playful personality is not compatible with most other cats because he plays too roughly with them.

If you would like to meet the beautiful Jax, please fill out an online adoption form in order to arrange a meeting with his foster family.