At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese cross
Flame Point
Date of Birth: October 1, 2017
Adoption Fee: $129

Floyd is from a farm in Northwest Manitoba. Unfortunately, the 60+ cats living at the farm were not managed at all and all required medical intervention to treat upper respiratory virus. Furthermore, nearly the entire population is positive for FIV, the feline form of HIV ( FIV is only transmissible between cats–not to humans or other pets–through bites and scratches.

Rescue Siamese agreed to take 3 cats from this colony: Victoria, Floyd and Ivor. Floyd is positive for FIV but his immune system is still intact. He has required little treatment and tolerated his vaccines well. Floyd is a bit shy, but is otherwise a happy-go-lucky cat who gets along with other cats and is wonderful around people. He’s a bit of the “class clown” and likes to run around and play. He adores his food, so his future home is best to feed him on a schedule so he doesn’t get too plump.

If you would like to meet this sweet boy, please fill out an online adoption form to book an appointment to meet him at our adoption centre at 38 Barberry Road.