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Siamese cats are known to be VOCAL, DEMANDING, POSSESSIVE, CLIMBERS, SUSPICIOUS OF STRANGERS, NERVOUS AND INTOLERANT OF TEASING. Please consider these aspects and make sure you are willing to work with any undesirable traits as they may appear. At RESCUE Siamese, all our Siamese cats are crossed with other breeds and therefore we do not necessarily expect the cat you are applying to foster today will display all of the above traits.

If for any reason you are unable to keep the foster cat in your care, you must return the cat to Rescue Siamese for alternative placement as opposed to turning the cat over to the Winnipeg Humane Society or another rescue or shelter. This cat cannot be sold or given away through any online or published listing and is the sole property of Rescue Siamese.

Unless for extreme health issues, no cat fostered for us may be euthanized or re-homed without our written consent. RESCUE Siamese & Stray Cat reserves the right to repossess any foster cat in the event that the rescue has reasons to believe the cat is being mistreated to include allowing it to roam freely outdoor with no supervision and having the cat declawed, or if information supplied on the foster form is discovered untruthful.

Rescue Siamese is not liable for any injury, disease or damage caused by the foster cat to people, children, other pets or property in the home. All foster homes are required to report any bites or injuries to Rescue Siamese and in the event that the foster cat is to be quarantined pertaining to public safety issues, the foster cat is required to be returned into the care of Rescue Siamese.

In signing below, you are agreeing to the terms outlined above. If the terms are not met, you the undersigned, will be liable and legal action may be taken.

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to release any and all information and knowledge they have regarding my past care of animals in my possession to the cat rescue organization of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

RESCUE Siamese & Stray Cat in turn, agrees to keep all such information obtained confidential and to use the information solely for the purpose of determining suitability of the individual as an adopter of one of our rescued cats.

Any information obtained will not be released to other parties unless the individual authorizing the release gives us written consent.

Typing the applicant's name constitutes as the legal signature and acknowledgement of the content within this application form
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The following document outlines the agreement when fostering a cat through Rescue Siamese. These terms provide the requirements of fostering a Rescue Siamese cat.


Rescue Siamese is responsible for the health care of the foster cat. Where ever possible all foster cats are tested for FIV/FeLV, dewormed, vaccinated and sterilized prior to foster placement.

Rescue Siamese is responsible for all future medical and medications for the foster cat. Foster homes agree to follow the Rescue Siamese vet recommendation and prescriptions. The foster homes agrees to seek prior approval for all subsequent medical procedures and clinic visits from Rescue Siamese.


Rescue Siamese relies on foster homes to provide information to the rescue in terms of suitability of potential adopters, however final adoption approval will be determined by Rescue Siamese.

Please note, Rescue Siamese reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason. Homes are selected based on the individual needs of the cat available for adoption, and homes for special needs cats may be subject to an individualized adoption process.


Rescue Siamese will remove any mismatched foster cat from the foster home within 24 hours of reported problem. All cats must be returned to Rescue Siamese if the foster family is not able or interested in keeping the cat, or legal action may be taken.

Foster cats may not be surrendered to any other shelter (including the Winnipeg Humane Society), rescue or animal facility. If a Rescue Siamese cat is discovered in any shelter, rescue or animal facility, any expenses incurred to Rescue Siamese to retrieve the cat will be billed to the foster home on file with Rescue Siamese accordingly. No cat fostered for Rescue Siamese shall be euthanized without expressed written consent from Rescue Siamese unless the cat is too injured and an attending emergency veterinarian deems the cat in immediate and unreasonable distress. In the regard of illness or injury, Rescue Siamese must be contacted.

If it is discovered that any cat fostered for Rescue Siamese is being kept in neglectful conditions as determined by the Manitoba Animal Care Act, Rescue Siamese reserves the right to repossess the cat at that time. The situation may or may not be discussed prior to the seizure of the cat dependent of the condition of the cat. This clause also includes any training methods deemed cruel or inhumane by Rescue Siamese such as surgical amputation of the cat’s toes or declawing.

No cat fostered for Rescue Siamese may be allowed to roam freely out of doors. Rescue Siamese foster cats found to be running at large will be immediately repossessed.


All cats fostered for Rescue Siamese are in all possible cases, spayed and neutered prior to placement. Any intact Rescue Siamese cats adopted by their foster care home, must be sterilized (spayed or neutered) within 14 days of the adoption.

Until such a time as alteration takes place, the cat remains the sole property of Rescue Siamese and the rescue retains the right to repossess any cat that has not been altered according to this policy. Adoption fees will not be returned if the un-altered cat is repossessed by the rescue.


Where ever possible, all cats fostered for Rescue Siamese are vetted prior to placement. In the event that any health concerns arise, the cat must be returned to the care of Rescue Siamese to be treated at one of the rescue’s preapproved veterinary clinics.

Unapproved Veterinary expenses incurred at another clinic will not be reimbursed by Rescue Siamese.


Siamese cats are known to be particularly susceptible to toxins and immune mediated conditions. Special care must be taken in their oral (mouth, teeth, gums) health as they are prone to periodontal disease and often regular dental procedures are required to keep the cat healthy for its lifetime. If periodontal disease is not treated it will lead to wasting (starvation because the cat can’t eat properly), kidney or heart failure. The normal lifespan for a Siamese cat is 18-22 years.


Any equipment loaned to a foster family must be returned when the foster cat is returned to the shelter for adoption or within 14 days of adoption. Returned equipment like carriers, dishes or litter boxes must be clean and free of urine, feces or debris. We expect normal wear and tear and items subject to chewing or scratching (as long as it is not excessive) will not be considered damaged.


Rescue Siamese cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur in foster homes, and is not liable for direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or relating to cats fostered for Rescue Siamese, whether framed as a breach of warranty, upon any legal theory, in tort, contract, failure of essential purpose, or otherwise.

Rescue Siamese makes no warranty, express or implied regarding any of our cats in our rescue. Foster families are required to report any concerns to the rescue, and any cat fostered for Rescue Siamese will be accepted back into the care of Rescue Siamese in the event they are not working out in their foster home. In the event of any emergency, where a cat needs to be removed immediately, night or day, please contact Rescue Siamese at 204-232-9688.