• To shelter and find homes for unwanted and/or stray Siamese cross cats and their domestic partners within the province of Manitoba.


    • To provide education to pet owners that will allows more cats to remain “placed” in homes that provide healthy atmospheres conducive to long and healthy lives of the cats.


    • Upon entering our program, each cat is health-checked, tested for FIV and FeLV, vaccinated, de-wormed and then placed in one of our loving foster homes to monitor for a quarantine period. If any health problems arise during this period the animals are promptly treated. Upon completing this quarantine period the cat will be transferred to our main viewing area for adoption.


    • All adult cats (over 6 months of age) are sterilized as soon as possible. In addition to the sterilization, vaccination, deworming, and testing, our adoption packages also includes a microchip ID or tattoo to ensure lost pets find their way home. Once the quarantine period has been completed and the above treatments have been completed, the cats are made available for adoption.


    • The adoption fees for cats are used to offset the costs of spaying or neutering as well as paying vet bills, the cost of medications and other costs relates to running RESCUE. The shelter also receives private donations and holds fund-raising events. However, much of the money comes from the volunteers themselves.


    • A RESCUE volunteer will follow-up with new owners after a cat has been adopted from the shelter. Volunteers are always prepared to offer advice if needed. The volunteers at RESCUE have found that many people who adopt cats find that there’s no support afterwards. At RESCUE, we help to educate adopters about the Siamese breed and the cat they are adopting.


    • At RESCUE, we maintain a life long commitment to all our cats, and at anytime we will readmit any cat previously in our care. By serving as the emergency contact on all tattoo information, we are able to track all the cats, and most importantly, if the actual owner cannot be located, we can take charge of the cat once more, ensuring its well being.



    Please call our adoption counselors at (204) 255-6896, or e-mail us at [email protected] to learn more about the cats in our program or to arrange an alternative viewing time.