Why sponsor a Rescue Siamese cat?

-Rescue Siamese currently has over 45 cats in our care, both in our adoption centre and in foster homes

-Some cats cannot be adopted due to special circumstances (eg. personality, age, medical reasons)

-Each cat in Rescue Siamese’s care requires financial support for vet bills, food, and housing


Who should sponsor a Rescue Siamese cat?

Cat lovers are a diverse group of people, which means that not all of them are physically or financially able to adopt a furry companion from us. We have open sponsorships for cats in permanent foster for people who wish to provide assistance for a feline friend, without having to adopt a cat. When you sponsor a Rescue Siamese cat, you help that animal in ways that cannot be counted.


How do I sponsor a Rescue Siamese cat?

There are a few ways to become a Rescue Siamese sponsor

1.  A one-time donation through our PayPal portal:

2. A monthly donation by subscribing through PayPal:

Name of cat to sponsor:

3. Donating in-person or by mail at our adoption centre at 38 Barberry Road.

Check out our current permanent foster cats below: