1. We are a “no-kill” shelter whereby cats admitted into the program are not euthanized for any reason other than extreme health considerations and then only under the direct order of one of our veterinarians.

2. We maintain a LIFELONG commitment to all our cats, present and future. At anytime or state in the cat’s life we will gladly re-admit that cat back into our program. Cat’s from failed adoptions are required to be returned directly to our care.

3. All cats are sterilized (spayed and neutered) before they leave our premises and all kittens are required to be presented for surgery at 6 months of age in compliance with current City of Winnipeg by-laws.

4. Adopters must agree to keep the cats confined to their properties and to directly supervise outdoor activity in compliance with City of Winnipeg by-laws.

5. Adopters must agree to treat the cat humanely, and provide a healthy and safe environment. We are against declawing and any surgeries committed that alter the physical appearance and functionality of the cat.