Once cats have been approved for adoption they are transferred to our Adoption Centre. Our volunteer adoption counselors will assist potential adopters with finding the right match for their home or situation. All of our cats go through our foster program so we know their personalities very well and can advise adopters accordingly. Our adoption package includes spay or neuter, tattoo or microchip ID, first vaccination, de-worming, health exam and a 2 week adjustment period.

At Rescue Siamese we maintain a life long commitment to any cat that has gone through our program so if an adopter is no longer able to keep the cat, it will be returned to our program for re-homing, regardless of it’s age. CLICK HERE to see who is available for adoption today!


Once a cat has been admitted to our organization, it first goes through our foster program. During the foster period we are able to get a sense of the cat’s personality so we can successfully place it into a new home. The cat is vetted and treated for any medical issues during this time.

Rescue Siamese is always recruiting new foster homes. Not sure about adoption? Why not try fostering! Rescue Siamese will provide the foster homes with everything they need to look after a cat. Most cats require 2-4 weeks of foster care before being approved for adoption.

FERAL TSR PROGRAM (trap, sterilize, release)

Our volunteer trappers will assist in community clean up of discarded strays before a colony can form. Most cats we trap are eligible for adoption, however if the cat is feral we will look for farm or warehouse placement. All the cats are sterilized and vetted before going into adoption or on a farm.


“Funny Face FIV Fund” is used to fund a program designed to place FIV+ cats into homes. The fund was named after our very first FIV+ kitten named “Funny Face” who tragically died after a second surgery to remove an ear polyp.

FIV+ cats tend to require a little more medical assistance particularly dental surgeries. The strain of FIV common to Manitoba is thankfully mild in comparison to other parts of the world and our local FIV+ cats tend to live normal lifespans. Our longest living FIV+ cat to date (“Jamima”, Funny Face’s mother), lived to be 19 years!

At Rescue Siamese we strive to educate the public about FIV and fight against the stigma these cats face. Our FIV+ cats are available for adoption in our Adoption Centre as they are not a threat to other cats providing they are docile and have good social skills.

If you would like to donate to our Funny Face FIV Fund, please see our Donations page and use our convenient Paypal option. Thank you!


The Permanent Foster Placement Plan is a program designed to permanently place geriatric or chronically ill cats that may still have many years of quality life left.

Rescue Siamese will provide all the help required to keep the cats stable. When its time to let them go, we will be there to support our permanent foster homes with euthanasia costs and aftercare.



To find out more information or to sign up for our programs, please call us at 204-255-6896 or visit us at our shelter during our regular hours.

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