• Adoption Fee:$129
  • Sex:Female - Spayed
  • Date of birth:November 2022
  • Location:Rescue Siamese (38 Barberry Road)
  • Good with cats?:Yes
  • Good with dogs?:Unsure
  • Good with kids?:No
  • Lap cat?:Yes
  • Dietary Needs:Allergies - Special Protein Diet
  • Medications:Prednisolone
  • Breed:Maine Coon
  • Color(s):Dilute tortoiseshell


  • Biography:Dutchess has not had an easy life and has faced numerous health issues. She is a sweet, affectionate, and loving girl who is looking for a specific home with an experienced cat owner. Playing with teaser sticks, interactive toys, and cuddling up with the volunteers are some of her favourite hobbies. Dutchess suffers from stomatitis and has had most of her teeth removed. She requires prednisolone every other day (and will for the rest of her life) and a veterinary prescription food due to allergies. She absolutely cannot eat any other cat food as she will get sick. Dutchess is not a candidate for out of city adoption. She would do best in a home with no other pets and no children. The home must be diligent with her medication and food requirements. If you are interested in adopting Dutchess, please fill out an online adoption application. Adoption inquiries can be emailed to [email protected]
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