Last month, the our shelter building sustained significant damage to its North wall. Repairs to the wall of the building will be starting on Wednesday June 5th, 2024. The contractor is hopeful for the repairs to be completed within four weeks.

What does this mean for the shelter, the cats, the volunteers, and supporters?

Adoptions and donations will be harder with our physical shelter being closed; this means our need for your support is greater than ever! Here are some things to know:

1. THE PHYSICAL SHELTER WILL BE CLOSED, BUT THE RESCUE WILL REMAIN OPEN. (we still have cats to adopt, rent to pay, vet bills to pay, and other expenses)

2. All cats will be moving out of the shelter and into foster homes beginning Friday May 31st.

3. We will still have cats at satellite adoption locations: Pet Valu Meadowood, Pet Valu Sage Creek, Pet Valu Taylor and Pet Valu Marion. You can visit those cats any time during their store hours.

4. Adoptions will still occur; however as the cats will be in foster homes, applications will need to be submitted & approved first, but our adoptions coordinators will work hard to help you find your match.

5. Donations of food and litter can still be dropped off at the shelter during our shelter hours up until Sunday June 2nd at the latest. We will not be able to accept donations of physical supplies or auction prizes at the shelter during the repairs so please contact us if you would like to donate.

You can contact us by message, email to [email protected], or by email to [email protected]

6. Foster homes are still needed. Please apply on our website.

How can you help??

1. SHARE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA.. We do our best to keep our social media current and the more shares our posts get the further news can travel about our rescue. You never know that one share you make could result in a cat getting adopted, a new foster family joining us, or monetary donations being made that will help more than ever to keep our shelter open and operational during this tough time.

2. DONATE. if you can donate money this upcoming month, please donate to directly online at www.rescuesiamese.com or by etransfer to [email protected]. Though the physical shelter will be closed we still have many cats in care, which equals many vet, food, and litter bills. We have numerous spays/neuters this month and 3 dentals scheduled. We also still have rent & other expenses that need to be paid.

3. ATTEND EVENTS at Pet Valu Meadowood, Taylor, & Sage Creek during the month of June, these fundraisers are split between our rescue and another rescue (depending on location). We will be at these Pet Valus every Saturday & some Sundays throughout the month of June.

4. BUY TICKETS FOR OUR CASH RAFFLE. You can buy these tickets online and we will send you the stubs and enter the draw.

5. VISIT US AT THE PET EXPO – Sunday June 9th – 10:00am to 3:00pm at St. Norbert Community Center. We will have adoptables, merchandise, & more at our table. Please be kind and patient with us. Manitoba’s animal rescues have never been so full, or bank accounts so bleak. Volunteers burn out is high. The state of the economy and the rising costs of vetting, food and litter have been detrimental to the cost of the operations of the rescue.

Thank you to all that have been supportive to us throughout the years. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you as we as we truly appreciate the support. ♥

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