At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese-Himalayan CrossSeal Point – Long HairMale – neuteredDate of birth: March 2018 Adoption fee: $129 Tiki came to us from Northern Manitoba, through a remote spay and neuter clinic. This loveable guy is very sweet and has the loudest purr ever!  Tiki suffered from a reoccurring ear infection in his right ear which was eventually… Read More Tiki

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese CrossBlue Point – Medium hairFemale – SpayedDate of birth: February 2019 Adoption fee: $129 Bitsy is an unclaimed stray from the Brandon Pound. She was originally found abandoned and running at large. She was pretty spooked when she first came in in February but she has since come out of her shell and is… Read More Bitsy

Available for Adoption, In Foster Home


Oriental crossBlackFemale – SpayedDOB: September 01, 2019 Adoption fee is $149*IN FOSTER HOME* Toni is a friendly girl, an is very much a “talker”. When you come home from work she will tell you all about her day. If you would like to visit Toni, please fill our an adoption application and we will arrange… Read More Toni

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption

Ace & Jack

Ace (left):Oriental Short HairGrey TabbyFemale/SpayedDate of Birth: October 1, 2013 Jack (right):Siamese crossBlue PointMale/NeuteredDate of Birth: October 1, 2013 The combined adoption fee for these two is $159 Ace and Jack were turned over to the Brandon Pound as their elderly owner could no longer care for them. They had been previously spayed and neutered… Read More Ace & Jack

Available for Adoption, In Foster Home

Kiera & Aurora

Aurora:Siamese CrossLynx Point – SnowshoesFemale – SpayedDate of birth: April 2009 Kiera:Domestic Short HairGreyFemale – SpayedDate of birth: April 2009 Combined adoption fee (must go as a pair): $129 Kiera (Grey) and Aurora (Lynx) were originally adopted through our program back in 2010. They were recently returned due to an issue with a newborn baby… Read More Kiera & Aurora

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese crossBlue PointFemale – SpayedDate of birth: June 2017Adoption fee: $129 Athena came in to our care last summer. Someone originally found her in the winter time in pretty rough shape. After repeated eye infections Athena was diagnosed with entropion, which is a genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid rolls inward against… Read More Athena

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese Cross Flame point – Polydactyl Male – neutered Date of birth: September 2017 Adoption fee: $129 Bruce has returned to our care after one of his adopters developed allergies. He is a wonderful, loveable flame point, and would love to have a forever home to call his own. You can see by his huge… Read More Bruce

At Pet Valu, Available for Adoption


Oriental CrossOrange TabbyMale – NeuteredDate of birth: May 21, 2018 *AT PET VALU MEADOWOOD*Adoption fee: $129 Derek is back from our “Grey’s Anatomy Litter”. The adopter was having issues with one of the cats not using the litter box. We have observed Derek and taken him in for his annual and booster. We have found… Read More Derek

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese crossTortoise shell – Seal PointFemale – SpayedDate of birth: July 2016Adoption fee: $129 Tweety is back! Some of you may remember Tweety when she came in as a kitten and was treated for a broken leg in foster care. She was originally adopted in December of 2017 and then returned for readoption because the… Read More Tweety