At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese CrossLong-haired Seal Point with SnowshoeMale – NeuteredDate of Birth: 2014Adoption Fee: $79 Felix has not been in our care for very long but is starting to settle in. A kind person in Tyndall/Selkirk area found Felix outside at her feeding station and contacted the rescue to take him. He is a shy boy who… Read More Felix

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese CrossBlue PointFemale – SpayedDate of Birth: 2021 Adoption Fee: $129 Aurora came to us from The Thompson Humane Society earlier this year. She is a playful and talkative girl who gets along with other cats, as long as they respect her space. Aurora is very affectionate and loves to be around people. She is… Read More Aurora

At Pet Valu, Available for Adoption


Siamese CrossSeal Point SnowshoeFemale-SpayedDate of birth: May 2017 Location: PET VALU SAGE CREEK Adoption Fee: $99 Flopsy originally came into care in the summer of 2021 and was adopted later that fall. Flopsy is back this spring by no fault of her own. She was being bullied by the cats in the home and it… Read More Flopsy

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese CrossLynx Point with SnowshoeFemale – SpayedDate of Birth: February 8, 2018 Adoption Fee: $99 Nixie is an amazing cat who had a pretty rough start! She was given away by her family on Kijiji last summer and the person who adopted her was not able to see the transition through. Nixie ended up jumping… Read More Nixie

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption

Storm & Jane

StormSiamese CrossBlue PointFemale/SpayedDate of birth: January 1, 2021 JaneDomestic Short HairTabby (with white)Female/SpayedDate of birth: January 1, 2019 Adoption fee for the pair: $232 Storm and Jane came in this past Winter. Unfortunately, their elderly owner in Oxford House passed away in the home and the pets were not found until a few weeks later.… Read More Storm & Jane

At RS Adoption Centre, Available for Adoption


Siamese CrossSeal PointMale-NeuteredDate of birth: October 1, 2017 Adoption fee is $99 Dodgeball came in as a stray tom cat from Southern Manitoba, originally to the Winnipeg Humane Society who transferred him over to us. Dodgeball required dental surgery and also surgery to correct for entropion where the eye lids roll-in causing constant and painful… Read More Dodgeball

Available for Adoption, In Foster Home

Paula & Cowboy

Paula (Left)Siamese CrossTorti-Lynx PointFemale – SpayedDOB: April 28, 2018 Cowboy (Right)Domestic Short HairTabby with whiteMale – NeuteredDOB: June 15, 2017 *IN FOSTER HOME* Adoption fee for the pair: $206 Paula and Cowboy had a love connection when they were introduced to each other at the shelter–you will often see them cuddling and cleaning each other.… Read More Paula & Cowboy

Available for Adoption, In Foster Home

Bubbles & Dolly

Dolly (Left)Himalayan cross (medium hair)Torti-Seal PointFemale/SpayedDate of Birth: April 1, 2009 BubblesBlue PointFemale/SpayedDate of Birth: March 1, 2009 Double Adoption Fee: $49 *IN FOSTER HOME – MUST GO AS A PAIR* We are looking for a very special home for these two old souls. Bubbles and Dolly were relinquished to the Winnipeg Humane Society when… Read More Bubbles & Dolly

Available for Adoption, In Foster Home


Domestic Medium HairGrey & WhiteFemale – SpayedDate of Birth: March 2015 *IN FOSTER HOME* Adoption Fee: $99 Rainbow was returned to us after her owner was experiencing some health issues. Rainbow was originally turned over to us for fostering in 2016 as she was nursing Siamese cross kittens who all eventually found forever homes. Rainbow… Read More Rainbow