Domestic short hair
Grey tabby – Oriental
Date of birth: 2009

Meet Celia! Celia first came into the program some time ago with a group of farm cats that needed to be rescued from a dog! Despite this, Celia is quite friendly towards dogs and other cats. The group consisted of blue point Siamese crosses; Celia was born a green eyed beauty which is common in cross bred litters. Celia is a super “cool” cat who easily adapts to new situations. She can be a little bossy at times with other cats, but then she is also quite the leader. Celia is not super cuddly but enjoys being brushed and just hanging out with her humans. She is a little shy at first until she gets the lay of the land. Celia is the last of her group to be adopted; her brother Titan found a home last Fall.

If you would like to meet Celia, you can visit her at our adoption centre at 38 Barberry Rd, during their regular store hours.